Virtue oled ego 8 инструкция на русском скачать - hp designjet 500 800 сервисная инструкция скачать

Virtue Redefined Manual VIRTUE LOADER MANUALS Virtue Spire Hopper Manual VIRTUE ELECTRIC BOARD MANUALS Angel Virtue A1 Board Manual Virtue G7 Manual Virtue Speed 05 Manual Virtue Speed. Virtue Ego 08 Manual. Breath new life into your older model Planet Eclipse marker with the Virtue OLED Ego 06/ 07/ 08/ Geo Board. Near limitless programming options The latest OLED technology now for your Ego or GEO paintball gun from Planet Lang” 3-Shot-Snap-Shot Drill; “Russian Legion” 50 Shot Run and Shoot Drill of Virtue OLED's 8 Drill Modes without ever entering the programming. Adjust this particular setting on your Virtue OLED board. (pg.9) Reflective Eye mode to “Off” if you have a 07/08 or newer Shocker. Failure to do so will cause Ego 07/8 OLED Board. Ion/XE/EOS/ “Russian Legion” 50 Shot Run and Shoot Drill. Training in the future via the Comm-to-USB download. Boot Screen.

Ego 06. If anyone needs more tadao manuals, let me know which one and I will edit this post for it. . Intimidator - Wicked Air Sportz (WAS) v2.8 and below . Angel LCD . manual download link since they did not have the manual availible . . I did however come across the new russian legion board

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